Saturday 25 September 2010

Ric Recommends: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

This film was so unfairly treated on it's release, it fell into being thought of as a cartoon that wasn't for kids and because of that it had poor box office.

It was, in fact, a fantastic sci-fi adventure way ahead of it's time. Just think how amazing it would look using today's 3D technology. In saying that, it still looks pretty fantastic.

Don't let the Final Fantasy name put you off either, it has nothing to do with the video games, it's an original story and features the voices of Alec Baldwin and James Woods among others.

Check out this cool trailer.


  1. I've never heard of this movie. It's not a genre I typically watch, but it looks pretty cool.

  2. Hi Miss, it's a film that's slipped passed a lot of people but it's worth picking up. I was lucky enough to catch it in the cinema and it was pretty spectacular especially considering it was almost 10 years ago.


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