Saturday 18 September 2010

DVD: Trick r Treat

As we fast approach October this little gem of a Halloween movie from 2007 is worth seeking out before the event itself.

It tells four interlinking stories all featuring the mysterious little character of Sam (see poster) who doesn't really do much until he decides to torment the mean Mr.Kregg (Brian Cox).

There is also a serial killing schoolteacher (Dylan Baker), a virgin (Anna Paquin) looking for the perfect guy, an argumentative couple and prank loving kids. All of whom create a fantastic mix as we jump in and out of each story before reaching a satisfying conclusion.

It's the eerie Brothers Grimm fairytale type atmosphere created by Director Michael Dougherty that lifts this above the usual Halloween slasher story as it combines legends and folklore and weaves them into today's society.

Ric's Rating: 74%


  1. Definitely one of my fave halloween films!

  2. Yes, it was surprisingly good.

  3. Really enjoyed this. Loved the old-school feel and practical effects!

  4. It was much better than I expected Ty.


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