Thursday 23 September 2010

DVD: Repo Men

In the future any organ in your body can be replaced, by a manufactured one, for a hefty price. The Union is the company that you go to but if you can't keep up the payments they will send their Repo Men to reclaim their property.

Whitaker and Law are the best in the business, they live by the motto "A job's a job" leaving emotion out of it when they know that after the organ is extracted it means death for the unfortunate late-paying customers.

When one of their own defaults on payments for his artificial heart they must decide where their loyalties truly lie.

Jude Law in his best role since Closer makes a case for a call from Sly Stallone for The Expendables sequel by giving a very credible action performance. Whitaker too is believable and Liev Schreiber is fine as the slimy organ sales manager.

It dips into cheesy sentimentality at times with an unlikely and very quick relationship forming but it's fast paced with plenty of decent action scenes and a top quality cast.

You could do worse on a Friday night with the beers in.

Ric's Rating: 76%


  1. I enjoyed this one. I was busy trying to disect it A La storyfix style, so I think I caught a few things that were kind of subtle to others;-)
    My husband wasn't as impressed as I was!

  2. Hi Cinette,
    Yeah, it was better than I expected.


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