Wednesday 22 September 2010

DVD: 13:Game Of Death

How far would you go to be rich beyond your dreams?

Well in this fantastic Thai film we find out just how far Chit (the excellent Krissada Sukosol) will go.

Chit has mounting debts and loses his job only to recieve an unusual offer by telephone of a chance to make millions. All he has to do is succeed in 13 increasingly dangerous and gruesome challenges that touch on events from his past. They include eating some revolting stuff for dinner and fighting his way off a moving bus.

The film is energetic and fast paced, it's also peppered with black humour that works surprisingly well.

It was known as 13 Beloved in it's native country and a sequel 14 Beyond has already been made. I can't wait.

Highly recommended for fans of stomach churners laced with inappropriate comedy moments.

Ric's Rating: 84%


  1. I've seen this long time ago, one of the very interesting films from Thai.

  2. It had passed me by Jac, glad I caught it eventually.

  3. It's worth a look if you can stomach it guys but the humour helps with that.


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