Sunday 26 September 2010

Film: The Town

Following the impressive Gone Baby Gone, Ben Affleck brings us this tale of Boston bank robbers.

Affleck's crew plan meticulously ensuring that everything goes without a hitch but on their latest job they take the assistant bank manager (Rebecca Hall) hostage.

What follows is a top quality drama following the lives of the robbers and the FBI Agent (Jon Hamm) attempting to track them down.

Affleck creates a perfectly paced atmospheric piece that exceeds expectations as all involved give excellent performances thanks in no small part to a fantastic script.

Affleck himself turns in a perfectly balanced performance as Doug MacRay, a failed Ice Hockey pro with a troubled childhood who just wants one last score.

I won't give away any more plot details but I will say that this is up there with Mystic River and even evokes memories of The Shawshank Redemption, I just hope it gets the appropriate recognition come Oscar time.

One of the best dramas of recent years, it's flawless, has everything and is not to be missed.

Ric's Rating: 97%


  1. As near perfect as possible Alex, can't rave enough about it.

  2. An excellent review which I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you for joining my followers, much appreciated.

    Take care.

  3. Thanks Yvonne,

    Your blog is pretty inspiring so I had to follow.


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