Monday 13 September 2010

DVD: The Joneses

The phrase "keeping up with The Joneses" takes an interesting turn here as the family in question is entirely fake. They are actually a "stealth marketing" sales team determined to make their friends and neighbours buy all the stuff that they have.
Of course it all slowly crumbles as decent people drown in debt and youngsters consume alcohol in an attempt to look cool.
It's hard to categorize as the comedy isn't very funny and the drama isn't dramatic enough. It all shuffles along relying heavily on Moore and Duchovny who aren't able to elevate it from mediocrity.
If you want David Duchovny doing comedy, watch Californication instead.
Ric's Rating: 42%


  1. I had wanted to see this in the cinema, but missed it. Thank God. I thought it was awful. Agree that there wasn't much humour for this so-called comedy.

  2. Try Californication Hindsy, it's hilarious.


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