Monday 13 June 2011

DVD: Doing Time For Patsy Cline

Ralph (Matt Day) leaves his parent’s farm in the Australian outback to pursue a career in country music. Packing only his trusty guitar he heads for the bright lights of Nashville.

He is soon waylaid by Boyd (Richard Roxburgh) and Patsy (Miranda Otto), a strange couple who offer him a lift. After an uncomfortable night in a motel the trio head off again only to be stopped by the cops soon after.
Ralph and Boyd then find themselves in an odd outback prison and it is here that the film suddenly becomes very strange indeed.

Interspersed with the prison scenario is one of Ralph & Patsy in Nashville with Boyd as their agent. As the film progresses it is never quite clear if this is Ralph’s fantasy or a future timeline with the prison as the flashback.

This is a very curious film with fine performances, especially from Otto as the flaky Patsy. Unfortunately it suffers from never quite deciding if it’s a comedy, drama or musical and ends up as a weird mash-up of all three. Also, the country music soundtrack is so loud and overpowering that it often drowns out the dialogue.

It’s nice to see something a bit unusual but this could have been so much better.

Doing time For Patsy Cline is released on DVD in the UK on 20th June 2011.
Ric’s Rating: 48%


  1. I adore Richard Roxbourg, such an amazing actor.

    And I'm so sorry that Miranda Otto's TV show LOCKE AND KEY wasn't green lit for the Fall season this year :(

    And whenever I hear name Patsy I think ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS :) I miss those two freaks so much :)

  2. Otto sings pretty well in this one Dez.


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