Thursday, 30 June 2011

Preview: Beautiful, Naked & Dead by Josh Stallings

The author himself has kindly sent me a review copy of this book.

Check out the brief synopsis:

BEAUTIFUL, NAKED AND DEAD is hard-boiled crime novel. Moses McGuire a suicidal strip club bouncer is out to avenge the death of one of his girls. From his East L.A. home, through the legal brothels of Nevada and finally to a battle with the mob in the mountains above Palo Alto, it is a sex soaked, rage driven, road trip from hell.

Sounds pretty cool.

Check back soon for a full review.

In the meantime you can visit for more information.


  1. This sounds awesome! My new husband Gavin is beautiful when naked but I'm glad he's not dead!I've turned him on(in more ways than one!) to your blog so you've got another devoted follower. I'm looking forward to your review of this, Rick! Loved the X-men review, we agree with you totally. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Zobie, glad you both enjoy the reviews.

  3. why are all of my favourite Scotsmen suddenly writing about this book at the same time? :) Did you all get an order from Scottish king Sean Connery to do it? :P

  4. Sean didn't decree it Dez. I did see Michael's review and luckily Josh got in touch soon after I opened the twitter account. I'm happy to be one of your fave Scotsmen!


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