Sunday, 5 June 2011

Film: The Hangover Part 2

Following widespread negative reviews I didn't intend to catch this at the cinema but after a timing mix-up it was the best available option.

Anyone who has seen the original knows the story. Three friends wake up in the morning having no idea what happened the night before and have to piece events together to find a missing member of their party.

Yes it's practically a remake, albeit with a different setting, but this isn't the awful film that others would have you believe. There are plenty of laughs as the gang encounter old friends and new enemies while locating their absent friend and getting back in time for the wedding. Even the bad taste moments are repeated, just swap a baby for a monkey, this segment is just as needless as it was first time around.

If you enjoyed the first film you'll like this one too, just not as much.

Ric's Rating: 70%


  1. I thought the first one was mildly amusing, but no desire to see second one. I'm really stunned it's making so much money as well.

  2. I surprised myself by enjoying the first one. Part 2 can wait until the dvd is out.

  3. A third is on the way Alex.

    That was my intention too Michael but I don't regret catching it at the cinema, it was better than I expected.

  4. Sometimes, I really need stupid and inane comedy. This is the kind of movie that fits the bill.

  5. I agree Pat, switch off your brain and enjoy !

  6. This movie was the shit! It was so way better than the first in my opinion...ESPECIALLY THE LADY BOY LOL What a way to stick it to the man! lol

  7. Even though that scene was predictable Cat, it was still hilarious. That's true about most of the movie, predictable but fun.


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