Thursday 16 June 2011

DVD: Paranormal Activity 2

A family set up a cctv system to record strange happenings in their house at night.

The first Paranormal Activity was pretty dull but I thought that with the added elements of the baby and the dog this would be a bit more creepy, boy was I wrong.

These films are great at creating an atmosphere of dread but then they do nothing with it.

This time around we are subjected to constant monotonous cctv footage of empty rooms and a pool being cleaned by an automatic device.

When something does eventually happen it's so silly that I actually laughed out loud.

This is the worst so called horror film that I have endured for quite a while, I almost switched it off a few times but the promise of something about to happen kept me watching, unfortunately it just didn't deliver.

I'd say that this would maybe scare an 8 year old but no 8 year old would sit through it to witness the one or two attempts at horror towards the end.

Very poor indeed.

Ric's Rating: 22%


  1. I loved the first one, but you're right about PA2. It took almost as long for something to happen as it does in Congress. At least the pool got cleaned.

  2. Ha Ha. Cheers Sean, I really thought something was gonna happen at that pool !

  3. I've heard that people laughed at this movie! What a letdown, considering the first one scared the crap out of me. I'll continue to skip it, then.


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