Sunday, 26 June 2011

DVD: West Is West

This long awaited sequel to the 1999 comedy East Is East sees controlling Father George Khan (Om Ouri) take his wayward son Sajid (Aquib Khan) on a trip to Pakistan to show the boy his roots and help him discover who he is.

Upon arrival George (or Jahangir in his native land) is reunited with the wife and daughters he left behind 30 years previously before heading to England where he re-married and had another family while Sajid is a typical fish out of water.

There are laughs here but the film is mostly about life choices for George and growing up for Sajid. Entertaining and touching this is a different type of film from the hilarious East Is East but it works well as we get to know the characters much better.

I'm sure that fans of the original will enjoy this but I also expect that some will be disappointed by the change of tact. I wasn't.

Ric's Rating: 76%


  1. Guess I'd need to watch the other film first.

  2. Not necessarily Alex but it is worth looking for, it's a great comedy.


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