Thursday, 16 June 2011

DVD: Hereafter

Three stories of life after death connect in this drama from director Clint Eastwood.

George (Matt Damon) used to make a living as a medium but after his "gift" ruined a few relationships he decided to leave it all behind and work in a regular job.

Marie (Cecile De France from Switchblade Romance) almost drowns in a tsunami and while unconscious she experiences strange visions.

Lastly, we have young Marcus who cannot move on with his life following a death in the family.

This is all pretty interesting and the acting is good, even a brief appearance by Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village) adds power to the story. Sadly it all shuffles along at a snail's pace leading to the inevitable meeting of the three main characters.

This is a very interesting film but it fails to entertain and the sickly sweet ending significantly ups the cringe factor.

Ric's Rating: 43%


  1. Even with Eastwood directing, this wasn't a subject matter I thought I'd enjoy. Glad I skipped it.

  2. The premise of this one interested me but I've heard/ read too many bad reports. They all started ... even with Eastwood directing ...

  3. The subject was good Alex but the film just wasn't entertaining.
    Yeah, I decided to give it a go Michael but I have to admit the early reviews were right.


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